Business Transformation Strategy

  • Understand your current business
  • Build on your strengths and opportunities
  • Think Big – grow your business

Leveraging Digital Technology

  • Understand your current Digital Landscape
  • Custom build Digital Strategy & Roadmap
  • Innovative Digital Solutions

Effective Capability & People

  • Modernised Operating Models
  • Sophisticated Workforce Management Solutions
  • High Performance Cultures
  • Strategic Partnerships

Agile Implementation

  • Fast Results
  • Continual Improvement
  • Customer Success


Customer needs are changing more than ever and client service excellence is key to survival. Businesses have to adapt faster than they have ever had too. Businesses are subject to change and disruption all the time, and this is moving at rapid pace. Digital technology and smart apps have risen and while that creates massive opportunities it also creates massive threats.

Having a clear and decisive Business Transformation strategy is all about being bold for the future, enabling growth and creating a difference and value for your clients. If your business is not creating value then it will not grow with the changing times.

At Transformation Works we partner with clients to develop unique Business Transformation programes for their business, within their industries. We have years of experience in HR and Recruitment, Professional Services and Technology companies.

If your business is not creating value then it will not grow with the changing times.

We have a simple but highly effective approach to Business Transformation that aligns all aspects of your business down a path to a highly successful future:

  • Growth in Sales

  • Improved Profitability

  • Faster and Effective Customer Service

  • Continual Improvement and evolution or your product and services


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    Business Transformation Strategy


    Our Services include:

    “Building a clear, simple, successful business transformation strategy is key to growing your business”

    • Full assessment of your current business – pain points, strategy effectiveness
    • Review effectiveness and efficiency of Operating Model
    • Evaluating your unique value proposition
    • Customer Service assessment – what are the risks, performance, automation opportunities
    • Industry Analysis – what’s needed to be a leader, where to specialize, threats, opportunities
    • Performance reviews – financial, cultural assessment
    • Review Product and Service Offerings
    • Look for growth opportunities – Customer Growth, Strategic Partnerships, New Sales
    • Design and build a Business Transformation Strategy and Roadmap

    Adoption of Digital Technology


    Our Services include:

    “Embrace Digital Solutions to provide unique value to your customers to transform your business”

    • Assessment of your current Digital Strategy and effectiveness
    • Alignment of Digital Strategy to overall Business Strategy
    • Assessment of pain points, customer requirements, and industry opportunities
    • Automation Plan to remove Manual Tasks, Errors, and Reporting
    • Innovative Digital Apps – Off the Shelf, Custom design, Platform design
    • Artificial Intelligence solutions to automate tasks and data, design a AI strategy to enable your teams to focus on the right priorities
    • Custom build Digital Solutions to differentiate your business
    • Strategic Partnerships- find the right Digital partners to support your business, needs, your client’s opportunities to transform your sales
    • Design and build a Digital Transformation Strategy and Roadmap

    Effective Capability and People


    Our Services include:

    “Our extensive experience in the HR industry, we recognise the importance of people and team engagement for a successful transformation”

    • Current assessment of organizational structure and team skills against Business Strategy requirements
    • Review of Effectiveness of current Operating Model
    • Design and Develop Digital HR Strategy
    • Design and Build custom built Digital HR platforms that resolve significant problems in Talent
    • We have off the shelf smart apps or we can custom design apps specific to your business and industry to enable differentiation
    • Attraction, Development, Performance Management, Workforce Management, Engagement and Retention
    • Our specialist HR Artificial intelligence platform is world leading, automates HR tasks and communications, enabling your People Strategy to be built around relationships
    • Leverage Digital technology to build a top performing team, and enable focus and success
    • Design and build a Digital HR and Workforce Management Strategy and Roadmap

    Agile Implementation


    Our Services include:

    “Embedding and adoption of a successful Business and Digital Transformation requires a clear plan, alignment of all teams, and an agile continual improvement program that enables success”

    • Develop transformation programs with short implementation that enables fast results
    • A well designed plan should be self-funded by delivering immediate results to the business
    • We help with the implementation approach and also resourcing the team to implement
    • Through our connections we provide Strategic partnerships to enable implementation and growth
    • We help with Change Management, Stakeholder engagement, project management and training to embed solutions into business and clients
    • Design and build a Digital HR and Workforce Management Strategy and Roadmap

    Resolve Pain Points

    Provide Efficiencies

    Transform Customer Experiences

    Our Overriding principles

    Digital apps to perform tasks

    Make Life Easy

    Unique Customer Value

    Maximising Business Performance


    We are a boutique Digital Solutions Company that will partner with clients to help them grow in success. We have the experience to understand your business, and provide support that will lead to better results.  Our cutting edge Digital Solutions and Business Transformation Strategies will help you take your business to a new level.

    Our Digital Solutions are designed to remove manual tasks, and enable people to work on the right priorities, working on developing relationships, and providing a personal touch. Our apps provide access to data that enable you to prioritise.

    This is becoming business critical, as the trend is for candidates and clients to want instant reply, feedback, and constant communication. The war on finding talent is getting more competitive. Having a Digital strategy and using smart applications specialised by task to help your organization attract the right talent, develop them further, and retain them, which is a key success factor of any business.



    Our experience includes:

    • Years of experience with large scale Corporate Strategy and Business Transformation programs within varies global companies providing digital transformation
    • Extensive experience in Digital Solution consultancy
    • Over 15 years at Senior Executive level in the HR Solutions and Recruitment Industry, we understand the HR industry
    • Partner with technology providers that have over 20 years experience building innovative HR solutions
    • We combine extensive business experience with Digital innovation


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